G119. Tobi Ewing

An Artist’s Journey: Finding Your Own Way in Life with Tobi Ewing Tobi Ewing is an artist, maker, guide, and so much more. Her work flows between several mediums at the intersection of art, design, and wellbeing, including painting, textile and fiber art, interior design, storytelling, meditation, and body care. Tobi is personally inspired by […]

G118. Mike Malatesta

Making the Shift to Get Unstuck in Life with Mike Malatesta Mike Malatesta grew up in a small world. He moved four times before the age of ten, each time practically within the same neighborhood. In middle school, he became a good enough football player that he was able to get into a nice private […]

G117. Chris Chung

The Power of Marketing & Brand Building with Chris Chung Chris Chung is the founder of Locate 852 and the leading Facebook ads strategist in Asia. His proprietary Ad Hygiene System is the core foundation that has allowed him to successfully manage over $24.7M in ad spend for his clients. He’s also the host of […]

G116. Jim Sweeney

Urban Wayfinding & Understanding How Place Impacts Us with Jim Sweeney Jim Sweeney became Executive Director of the Franklinton Development Association Community Development Corporation in 2002. While in that role for 14 years, Jim led the effort to revitalize Franklinton through the creation of over 150 affordable housing units, various community-building activities including founding the […]

G115. Bruce Garfield

From Capitol to Columbus: Music is in Everyone with Bruce Garfield My guest for episode 115 of Gravity is Bruce Garfield. Bruce began his career as a pioneer in band merchandising, signing deals with Led Zeppelin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, The Doors, Rolling Stones, and many others. He was then recruited by Capitol Records as Vice […]

G114. Alex Bandar

The Idea Foundry: Making a Home for Makers with Alex Bandar Alex Bandar, PhD, is an engineer by training and entrepreneur by accident. After having worked for 10 years as a computational metallurgist with clients ranging from GE to Apple to Honda, he founded the Columbus Idea Foundry, which has been called by TechCrunch, “The […]

G113. Scott Danner

Scott Danner is the CEO of Freedom Street Partners, a practice that supports financial advisors in their next career step and helps them explore all available paths to secure a fulfilling future. After 15 years practicing on an employee platform, Scott founded Freedom Street and took it from zero to 2 billion in assets under […]

G112. Hani Hara

Try Anything Twice: Exploring the Parallels Between Creativity & Mortality with Hani Hara Hani Hara is the first guest on Gravity who hasn’t had an official bio, but that certainly doesn’t make him any less compelling or insightful. A dear friend, mentor, artist, and spiritual advisor, Hani is one of the more personal guests to […]

G111. Jaclyn Tracy

Aspirational Sustainability: How SISTAIN Is Changing the Sustainability Landscape with Jaclyn Tracy Jaclyn Tracy is the founder of SISTAIN, a DTC marketplace that curates sustainable products and provides the tools to educate consumers about sustainability, making it not only easier, but aspirational too. She joins The Gravity Podcast for a conversation about knowing you’re on […]

G110. Jay Clouse

Writing Your Own Path & the Benefits of Following Creative Energy with Jay Clouse Jay was on a path that many would, and do, aspire to. But then he discovered entrepreneurship. Risks and all, he knew it was what he wanted to do with the rest of his life. For the last ten years, he’s […]