G155. Beyond the Atomic Habits: The Unheard Story of James Clear

It’s not too often I get starstruck, but I’ve been a huge fan of this week’s guest from the moment I opened his incredible book.  I love every interview in it’s own unique way, but this felt like an extra special week…

This week’s episode of the Gravity Podcast, I am joined by acclaimed author, James Clear!

James’ book “Atomic Habits” has now sold over 10 million copies around the world. After reading the book myself, it is no surprise that people everywhere are finding it powerful in their lives.

In this episode you will hear about stories of his childhood, his thirst for knowledge throughout life, and how all of this shaped his path to becoming a writer and an entrepreneur. We talk about James’ insight on the power of showing up consistently and becoming the architect of your own habits. We cover the tradeoffs of success, how he maintains flexibility, and his strong belief that habits do not restrict freedom but instead create it.

I hope you will enjoy this time with James as much as I did.

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