G157. Navigating Shadows: Keri Croft's Journey Through Success and Loss

Today, Brett engages in a profound conversation with his good friend, entrepreneur, and podcast host, Keri Croft. Their strong friendship is evident in the ease of their interaction, marked by touching honesty and enjoyable banter. The conversation uncovers Keri’s remarkable resilience in confronting personal loss, separation, and infertility, addressing the power of embracing one’s pain and the ‘butterfly effect’ of sharing one’s story. The discussion also delves into the stigma and isolation associated with these challenging experiences, stressing the significance of turning adversity into personal growth. Throughout the conversation, Keri and Brett explore the importance of authenticity, the perils of toxic positivity, and the value of understanding others’ perspectives. Their camaraderie makes even the heavy topics accessible, resulting in a conversation that’s both deep and easy to connect with.

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