G.164 Flavors of Transformation: Jeni Britton on Ice Cream and Identity

Jeni Britton of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams joins us once again to delve into her personal journey of introspection and transformation, sparked initially by feelings of misalignment in 2019. Amidst the challenges of entrepreneurship and societal pressures, Jeni emphasizes the significance of embracing both light and shadow sides of life, using fear as a catalyst for growth. As she revisits her deep-rooted connection with nature and the therapeutic nature of returning to one’s origins, Jeni reflects on the challenges of detaching from her brainchild, Jeni’s, and the lessons learned from the process. Her life story, intricately tied with the evolution of ice cream from a simple passion to a profound teacher, underscores the importance of internal discipline, authenticity, and the continuous journey of self-discovery.

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