G176. Turning Everyday Life into Poetry with Maggie Smith

This week on the Gravity Podcast I got to sit down with poet Maggie Smith. Maggie is a Columbus native and we talk about how staying in her hometown has shaped her writing.  Maggie shares about her life, starting out with her interests as a child, sharing about her bond with her family, and her view on writing (and other forms of art). 

This quote resonated with me,  and I think it is important for all those aspiring writers to hear.

“‘Nothing that interesting has happened to me. I’m not a world traveler. I have a stable home life. I have no significant trauma. What on earth am I going to write about?’ Well, put your phone down and go outside. What are you thinking about? What do you not understand? What are you questioning? What did things look like to you? What do you feel joyful about or thankful for? You don’t need pain as material.”

Tune in to hear more about Maggie’s story.

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