G163. From Street to Studio: A Deep Dive with Gravity's Featured Artists

In this final episode of the artist summer series, I got to sit down with all four artists- Okuda, Pref, Adele Renault, and OG Millie.  

We come together to discuss their journeys and the evolving realms of the art world. We explored topics like the initial spark that got them into art, their transition to professional artists, and the intricate balance between innovation and maintaining a signature style. Each artist delves into the inspiration that fueled their mural creations in Columbus as part of the Gravity project.

I was so honored and excited to have time with each of them individually, and then all four of them collectively, listening to them share with each other and the audience. I really hope you have enjoyed this series and found some inspiration for your own creativity.

Connect with Okuda San Miguel

Connect with Pref

Connect with Adele Renault

Connect with OG Millie