G03: Amy Landino

Good Morning, Good Life: Start Your Day With Intention | with Amy Landino

Amy Landino is the author of bestseller Vlog Like a Boss and the award-winning host of AmyTV. With over 20 million views through her successful YouTube series, Amy is the World’s #1 Productive Lifestyle Coach and a leading authority on getting digital attention.

And Amy is a person who knows how to live with intention. One of Amy’s mantras is “Good Morning, Good Life,” a phrase she borrows for the title of her new book about how to start every day on your own terms so that you can approach life with intention (and she assures us that you don’t have to be a morning person to do it)

Good Morning, Good Life details five simple habits that will help you combat morning obstacles, set motivating goals, and create the rituals that work for you. These habits are so simple that anyone can follow them — although simple doesn’t mean easy.

In this episode, Amy shares how she learned to live with intention and developed these habits, how that connects to her past (both good and bad), and how she uses her experiences as fuel to form connections and build her audience.


What Brett asks:

  • [4:30] How was Amy raised and how does that relate to her work today?
  • [7:30] How old was Amy when her parents got divorced and what happened to your dad?
  • [17:10] How do you reconcile life happening for you, even when it’s sometimes really, really hard?
  • [22:30] How did you choose which parts of your past to honor and bring forward?
  • [32:30] Using your connection to childhood as fuel to form connections and build your audience
  • [36:55] Tell me about identifying as an introvert, especially as someone who is a public figure, and how you’ve expanded or transformed over time.
  • [51:30] What does Amy’s morning look like? What does a good morning look like?
  • [56:45] What did Amy learn about the book-writing process from writing Good Morning, Good Life?

Lessons for intentional living:

  • Is your past serving you or hurting you? Every day, we’re either unconsciously allowing our lives to run us or we’re consciously deciding how we want to use the experiences we’ve had.
  • When you start your day by checking emails or running out the door to work, which is what most of us do, you end up just reacting to everything that happens. You really don’t feel like you own the day. But when you take some time to be intentional right when you wake up, even if it’s just 15 minutes, “you can at least start the day on your terms.”