G120. Chet Scott

Daydreams & Instincts: Making Sense of It All with Chet Scott

Chet Scott is back to untangle the issues of the world, of our own, and of the future – as has become the norm on about a monthly basis. We get deep on instinct vs. intellect, especially as they relate to coaching and parenting, before jumping from cloud to cloud with questions and comments on the importance of conflict in innovation, diversity of thought in team building, the transfer portal mentality, and loving harder as a way to seek, and find, truth.

There’s no shortage of innate curiosity in this one, so settle in for an expansive conversation that is sure to push the limits of your own considerations. 

What we cover:

  • Seeing potential in unexpected places
  • The role of instincts in coaching
  • Having confidence to start something new
  • Healthy conflict and diversity of thought 
  • Starting a campfire for ideas 
  • Puking it up
  • The overvaluation of busy-ness
  • Slow down, stay in your domain, let’s build mastery
  • The transfer portal mentality
  • Creating margins for yourself
  • Loving harder to find the truth