G124. Brian Mohr

The Intersection of Purpose & Leadership with Brian Mohr

My guest today is Brian Mohr, CEO and co-founder of Anthym, and board member and President Emeritus of the Arizona chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Like many past guests on the show, Brian’s career and adulthood was shaped by an impactful experience participating in team sports in high school. Brain was part of a swim team that went all four years undefeated, which really is some accomplishment. 

As you might imagine, he’s not used to losing. And he’s been using the lessons he picked up in the pool to iterate his work and life goals ever since. Now, with Anthym, he’s connecting corporate teams working remotely through the power of music.

We dive into the deep end of parenting, then and now, and round out the conversation with a healthy dose of hope. Brian acknowledges that capitalism isn’t perfect, but that it is the system that can help enhance the quality of life for the most marginalized people in our society. 

What we cover:

  • Finding success in the swimming pool
  • Growing into a leader 
  • Disciplining kids – then and now
  • Learning hard work 
  • Seahorse Country 
  • How the pandemic changed his career
  • Capitalism’s role in a prosperous future