G126. Chet Scott

The Roots of Endurance: Chet Scott Takes the Reins

The Gravity Podcast is back with a new twist on a recurring favorite guest of mine, Chet Scott. I invited Chet to bring his own topic, or topics, to the interview table today – and he offered the interesting and expansive theme of: Endurance.

Delving deeper than any other episode in the past year or so, Chet prompts me to unpack my own past – the decisions, inspirations, and risks that brought me to today. The back-and-forth nature of our conversation paints a picture of the roots of endurance that we all grow in life, of the deep learning and hard work which cannot be skipped in our stories – but in fact, write them.

I’m not alone in my truth telling in this one, as I also challenge Chet on some of his own self-work, both that he’s overcome and the hurdles he faces today. He lands on a profound declaration that no one can do it alone, that endurance is impossible without community – highlighting a growing fissure in this standard with respect to today’s increasingly isolated society. 

Chet also teaches us, among so many more bits of wisdom, how not to lose heart or hope through trials and tribulations, that endurance is not a synonym for longevity, and that peace is found on the other side of acute pain.

Many thanks to Chet for joining me in the Gravity studio for this, the latest edition in our ongoing series of intimate chats. With each conversation, we’re expanding the space to explore. Thanks for tuning into that growth process, as we’ve enjoyed it so much. Keep an eye out for the next one, coming soon to a podcast platform near you.