G127. John Marsh

Hope is the Key: Turning Broken into Beautiful with John Marsh

John Marsh has a story to tell. Many of them, in fact. 

He joins Gravity today for an all-time episode, packed with rich, descriptive storytelling, traumas and successes, heartbreak, redemption – even conscious development – and it all comes back to love. John’s seen and done some things in his time on earth, and is incredibly gracious in this honest retelling of his life and learned lessons.

We start by reliving his rebellious teen years, where John’s experiences, while unconscious, made a deep impact on the rest of his life. Next, we learn about his challenges with addiction, a cracked marriage that he and his wife have since healed, and the mentorship they now provide to couples in need of the same kind of reconciliation. 

Please note, the subject of suicide is discussed in this episode as well, as John reveals the dark moments that preceded the light of his current experience. 

We wrap on his incredible passion project, a thoughtful take on modern development, redevelopment, and preservation as a combined means to build inclusive communities. John and his team have created what they call irreplaceable real estate by pioneering historic downtowns as a new asset class in the market. It’s really fascinating stuff. 

It’s easy to see where his values align with those of this show, this movement, and my own personal ethos – we’re so glad he shared this time with us today.