G131. Chor Boogie

The Color Shaman: Healing Through Creativity with Chor Boogie

Chor Boogie speaks in rhythm through splashes of color.

A renowned artist in the medium of spray paint, Chor Boogie, aka The Color Shaman, joins the show today for a deep dive into creativity and his own personal journey. 

Self-taught from the age of five, he always wanted to be an artist. Throughout his life, he’s redefined the term to envelop more healing, more learning, and a deeply communicative approach – spotlighting important issues like: race, class, and gender; neo imperialism; corporate corruption; substance abuse; healthcare and drug policy reform; and the rights of indigenous people.

Having just finished the first big art piece on the second phase of Gravity, he’s now part of our community forever – a contribution I am so thankful for. He’s an incredible human being and he’s a phenomenally talented artist. Enjoy this vibrant conversation with a modern savant. 

DISCLAIMER: None of the subject matter in this podcast represents mental health advice or should be understood as a medical recommendation to consume psychedelic substances.