G132. Sarah Gormley

Take a Pause: The Process Is Not a Straight Line with Sarah Gormley

Sarah Gormley started an art gallery by accident.

Today’s guest is the owner and founder of Sarah Gormley Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that operates from the belief that original art can be a source of joy for everyone. She opened the gallery in 2019, 25 years after her grandmother gifted Sarah with her first piece of art. But, as we tend to do on this show, we go a lot further back than that to learn more about who she is today.

Knowing it was time to rest and reset amidst the illness and passing of her parents, an opportunity arose to host art. She was invited to come and see the space – and the rest is (art) history. We talk about her life-changing experience with therapy, how she – and the rest of the world – determines whether art is “good” or not, and why Columbus is such an art hot spot.

At 40, Sarah couldn’t imagine making it through another half of her life. Success, money, experiences – nothing brought her the grounding that committing to therapy did. She’s a major proponent of the work, as am I. And I hope this one influences you – the listener – if you think you might be in need of it, to seek the help that you so deserve.