G133. Christopher Celeste

Stillness Is Always Waiting: Learning To Pay Attention with Christopher Celeste

Stillness is always waiting for Christopher Celeste.

Today, we’re joined by an overdue name on the Gravity guestlist, Christopher Celeste, a very near and dear friend of mine. He holds a special place in my heart, in my life, and in the greater Gravity story – having a major influence on the brand’s name and ethos. 

We go back to the beginning, talking about his being born in India and how that shaped him from an energetic standpoint, how themes from Jerry MaGuire changed his life forever, and parenting – assessing our upbringings (wearing dad’s suits) and what it means to do our best.

We also unpack influential traumas from early on in his life, and those passed on to him generationally. Christopher is honest and thoughtful in his retelling, welcoming us into his experience in exactly the way this podcast was intended to. 

Talented poet and engaging conversationalist, Christopher’s story demonstrates deeply meaningful personal growth and a grounded mindset that we can all learn from. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to share his energy with the Gravity community today.