G134. Keegan Caldwell

We Are Family: Keegan Caldwell Is a Man of the People

Family, first. Now and always.

This one’s all about family support and overcoming addiction. Growing up as the oldest of five kids, Dr. Keegan Caldwell watched his parents struggle with money. He also picked up on his father’s gift for conversation – leading him to wield the trait for his own professional benefit as a lawyer (and as a doctor).

Early in adulthood, and again later on, Keegan found himself struggling with a serious opiate addiction – admitting he lacked the mindset tools to deal with his emotions at the time. 

After a long and painful recovery journey, he’s now a respected business leader with diverse experience in start-up development and patent law. His latest work aims to close the knowledge gap in intellectual property law and even the playing field for modern-day creators.

As a parting gift, we learn that Keegan has developed his own code for living a fulfilling life – loving all people. This drastic shift in perspective is evident in his presence, even on Zoom, as a man of acceptance and growth through it all.

Recognized on a first-name basis with local police, serving a healthy stint as a US Marine, homeless at times – his life’s path has been as unexpected as it has been informing. He’s gracious in recounting his many lessons with us today.