G135. Matt Scantland

My Own World: Giving Back Through Conscious Leadership with Matt Scantland

Matt Scantand is a world builder.

And he’s today’s guest on the Gravity Podcast. Matt is the Founder and CEO at AndHealth, a digital health company with the mission of helping people reverse chronic disease. Previously, he was Co-Founder and CEO of CoverMyMeds, one of the largest and fastest growing healthcare technology companies in the United States.

A dyslexic kid who struggled in school and rebelled against the world, he sits across from me today to explain how the impact of his work is changing healthcare for the better, providing wider access to technology and treatments in an effort to raise the collective human potential. 

It’s super ambitious, big picture stuff – and even more impressive when looked at next to those humble beginnings. And it’s working. 

We cover the Quaker religious influence in his upbringing, life as a twin, the power of our mind/body connection, critical gaps in modern healthcare, selling and departing from CoverMyMeds, finding the motivation to start new, and a whole lot more in this one.

He’s really a very thoughtful, kind, caring, and loving man – and a great friend of mine. We have these kinds of conversations quite often; it’s great to finally get one on the record and share it with the Gravity community today.