G136. Rex Elsass

Understanding Plant Medicine, Addiction & Trauma Recovery with Rex Elsass

Rex Elsass knows that the medicine is out there.

Today’s guest on the Gravity Podcast is Rex Elsass. Rex and I have recently gotten to know each other through a mutual friend and have a lot of shared passions around mental health and the different modalities out there that can really be helpful to people. 

From a very young age, Rex had the desire to be a congressman. Through that inspiration, his dream evolved into helping others win elections, which he’d done successfully for decades while building The Strategy Group Co., the largest political advertising agency in America.

After strategizing to elect over 100 congressmen and women all over the country, two years ago, Rex made the call to step away from his fast-paced role in politics to focus on community work – namely, The Reid Foundation – named, established, and operated in honor of his son who was tragically lost to addiction.

Today, Rex is a fierce proponent of expanding research and research funding for mind-expanding plant medicine practices, music therapy, and other alternative modalities in an effort to bring a new frequency of healing to a world in desperate need of it.