G139. AMA

Conscious Communities & Creativity with Brett Kaufman

The expansion of your conscious creation is endless.

Join me for a second AMA chat as we delve deeper into my own unique human experience through the submissions of our listeners and members of the Gravity community.

The gradual widening concept and greater mission of Gravity as a brand, development progress on Phase 2, and initial reactions to Intel’s move into the city are covered. We get a little personal, too, as I get into my added emphasis on healthy boundaries and prioritizing my most precious resource: time.

I also take this rare opportunity to detail what conscious creativity means, to me and to society at large, how I practice it in my personal life and business endeavors, and the roles (good and bad) that I believe technology plays amidst it all – now and in the future. 

Thanks again for all of your thoughtful questions. We can’t wait to get guests rolling in again as we continue this grand experiment in human connection.