G140. Andrew Grossman

Unraveling the Evolution of Family Values with Andrew Grossman

In his 27 years as a divorce lawyer, Andrew Grossman has learned a few things about human connection.

In fact, knowing him personally for most of his life, I’ve come to learn a few things about him, too. Andrew and his brother are two of my very best friends; our families and greater social networks are very much intertwined – making this a unique twist on our usual interview format. 

Skating through most of school, he was set on his current path, strangely enough, by a tornado in Kansas – a chain of events that would send him abroad to Oxford and change his outlook on life forever. The core theme of our conversation, though, is Andrew’s hyper-informed perspective on marriage, family dynamics, parenting, and how drastically each has changed over the decades.

We get personal about our own upbringings, comment on the state of society, and Andrew reveals the question he’s asked most often about his work: Why do most people get divorced? I’m excited to have him here for an in-depth exploration of that very question, and many more.