G141. Cardale Jones

Buckeye Brilliance: From National Champion to NIL with Cardale Jones

Cardale Jones cares about supporting others – on the field, and off.

The youngest of six siblings, he gets incredibly honest about his upbringing in Cleveland, falling out with his birth mother, being adopted, and the mindset challenges he faced as a highly recruited prep football player.

We get an on-field perspective from behind the facemask of one of the most legendary Buckeye quarterbacks ever – getting thrown into that initial Michigan game, the unbelievable 2014 championship run, his time in the NFL, and where he plans to play next.

Cardale made his dreams come true through hard work and humility. Now, he’s on a mission to do the same for other young people. He’s the founder of TenTalents NIL agency, which supports college players in securing fair Name, Image, and Likeness contracts – an opportunity he was not afforded, but holds no ill will over.

Cardale is most known for authoring one of the greatest college football stories of all time. His past is bright, but his future is even brighter. I’m excited to share this conversation with you today, and look forward to having Cardale on again to cover the release of his autobiographical book later this year.