G142. Joe DeLoss

Be the Water, Not the Waves: Finding Humility on the Farm with Joe DeLoss

It’s been a busy few years for Joe DeLoss, to say the least.

Since his last appearance, episode 76, on the podcast, he’s relocated his family, weathered a global pandemic in one of the most dramatically impacted markets, and led Hot Chicken Takeover through an acquisition process – and it hasn’t even been two full years. 

Starting at the beginning, we lay the foundation of his childhood and volunteerism roots, before jumping back into the 2017 rock-bottom which formed the basis of our earlier conversation. 

We talk about the divinity behind his unforeseen move away from urban living to an open space where he and his family could expand their lives, the massive decision to give up majority ownership in his business, and the personal growth he’s experienced from therapy and meditation.

Open and honest as ever, the sense of contentment and self-awareness is palpable in his voice. It’s such a breath of fresh air to hear his POV on the mindsets that lead him to low points and the practices which have helped him recover a true, deep sense of peace.