G.144 Simon Fraser: Turning Columbus into a Comedy Destination

Today’s guest on the Gravity Podcast is Simon Fraser, an English comedian by way of Yale who’s set down roots here in Columbus, committing himself to developing the comedy scene in a city he’s grown so fond of.

Traveling around the country to open mics for the last six years, we talk about the many lessons in comedy he’s picked up, the steps it takes (in a digital age) to get your content seen and heard en masse, and the way comedy colors his view on the world.

We also touch on his childhood as a troublemaker, facing rejection at Yale, our shared marathon experiences, and an important standard for every comedian – the value of bombing a set.

Simon also produces Don’t Tell Comedy shows around town, up to four every weekend, which have gone sold out for 54 shows straight since September of 2022. It certainly seems like he’s onto something; we find common ground in our belief that Columbus is the perfect place to build something – and I look forward to watching his plan take shape in the near future.