G.145 Dr. Jeffrey Gladden

Today’s guest on the Gravity Podcast is Dr. Jeffrey Gladden. Many of you have probably heard me talk about the Gladden Longevity Clinic in Dallas, Texas – Dr. Gladden’s functional medicine and wellness clinic that he started. I have been, and many others have been, the beneficiaries of this phenomenal facility that’s really changed a lot for me physically and mentally.

Facing the rest of his life in likely physical and mental decline, Dr. Gladden made his own path – leading to his own truth. He cracked the code for himself, coming to profound questions and answers which drove him to a renewed passion for helping others turn back the clock, stay young, and lead their most impactful lives.

Dr. Gladden is, amongst other things, due to release his first book, Making 100 The New 30, which provides the basis for most of our conversation today. It was fun for me to have a chance to share his story with the Gravity community. Enjoy.