G48: Kathleen Griffith

Start Your Own Company & Architect the Life of Your Dreams (with Kathleen Griffith)

Kathleen Griffith’s passion is to help female entrepreneurs start their own companies and architect the life of their dreams, a passion she discovered after quite a few twists and turns.

A self-described “totally accidental entrepreneur,” Kathleen is a self-made successful business woman and a leading voice in the women’s space. She is the owner of the female-focused marketing consultancy Grayce & Co, which works with Fortune 500 brands and media companies, and she also funded and founded Build Like a Woman, a global platform providing inspiration, tools, and community for women to rise and thrive in all aspects of their businesses and lives.

What Brett asks:

  • [06:39] Clearly, you were drawn to business from a young age. Do you think it’s just how you were born?
  • [12:30] What is your definition of performance and where did you get your drive?
  • [22:15] How did society shape the decisions you made early in your life?
  • [25:50] Did those experiences where you were living a “pretend life” ultimately end up serving you?
  • [31:00] Tell me about when you started feeling your purpose gnawing inside of you and decided to chase it.
  • [49:00] Tell me about what else you’re up to now that you’ve become unleashed

Lessons for intentional living:

  • When you’re an adult, you can shape your external world so that it aligns with your internal world (and you can do inner work that helps you align with your circumstances). But when you’re young, you often don’t have that option; you can’t manipulate the external variables to align with you internally and, as a result, you feel in conflict. A lot of us end up defaulting to what we feel we’re “supposed to do” and how we’re “supposed to act,” and forcing ourselves into these places we don’t actually fit ends up contributing to the epidemic of anxiety and depression that we see in young people today. You may not be able to change a kid’s external circumstances, but there’s a good chance you’re in a position to mentor a kid in your community; you could be the person who shows a kid what’s possible.
  • You can create an impact in someone else’s life, no matter what your sphere of influence is. You don’t have to have a title in your business or your community to be a leader.
  • Do you go right to what your heart is calling you to do or do you sample a few different experiences along the way? Kathleen says “you’re meant to have experiences that break you so that you’re able to find what really drives you and what you believe to be your ultimate purpose.” That may happen when you’re a kid, and if so, follow that purpose. But if you can’t identify it, you might need to sample a few more experiences.
  • What would you do if you weren’t afraid? Use this question to keep checking in with yourself if you ever feel out of alignment or just find yourself getting tired of that hamster wheel feeling.