G91. Amy Landino

Gravity in Review: Turning the Tables on Brett with Amy Landino

In a flip of the usual Gravity format, Amy Landino is taking over as today’s host. We talk about the show, its origins, and what I’ve learned from the experience after nearly 100 episodes.

Amy is a fellow podcaster, a YouTuber, and a bestselling author. I could think of no one better to take on my role as interviewer so that you can finally dig a little deeper into the host of Gravity and learn a little bit about me for a change. 

We cover everything from why I started the podcast to how we were able to weather a pandemic and how it feels to be coming up to the landmark 100th episode. 

Of course, this is Gravity, so we take things deeper as well, with a discussion of what drives me creatively and emotionally and how Gravity is an expression of them. Any regular listener of the show will be familiar with some of my thoughts on the nature of the human experience and how we can leave the world a better place than we found it, but this was my first chance this year to really dig in and explore what any of that means, now, after so many conversations.

This one should be a must-listen for fans of the show or of the Gravity concept, as you’ll get some insight into how the show is made, as well as what pushes us to create more.

What Amy asks:

  • [00:50] Why do you do what you do?
  • [02:00] How does it feel to be coming up to 100 episodes of the Gravity podcast?
  • [04:00] Has your approach to the podcast changed in response to the pandemic?
  • [07:40] What originally drove you to succeed?
  • [15:20] What are you doing when you feel most in your element?
  • [17:00] How do you decide what projects you can take part in and what you have to decline?
  • [23:30] Is there a question you don’t get asked often that you think is interesting?
  • [27:00] Based on your experience with the podcast, what would you say a winner looks like?


Lessons for intentional living:

  • When I started the Gravity podcast, I had absolutely no concept of what the format was going to be. I knew that I wanted to create something, and I knew what I wanted to achieve emotionally and creatively. Sometimes, that’s enough. We don’t always need to plan things out meticulously if we know what our goal is and how we might get there. In Gravity’s case, as soon as we started recording, it all clicked into place, and that’s often true for other things in life if you just know when to trust in your intuition. 
  • They say the key to understanding someone is to walk a mile in their shoes. We should always be pushing ourselves to try and experience things the way that other people do. This week’s podcast is a perfect example of that. I’ve now given myself the experience of being a guest on Gravity, and that’s something I’m going to carry through to the interviews that I conduct in the future.