G99. Taras Kravtchouk

Continuing the Gravity podcast takeover, Brianna Bullentini is our guest host for this episode. Brianna is an entrepreneur who has been involved in the Gravity universe of projects for a while, so it’s a pleasure to hand over the podcast reins to her, this week.

Her guest is Taras Kravtchouk, the Founder, CEO, and designer at TARFORM. TARFORM Motorcycles is a startup on a mission to set a new standard for two-wheeled vehicles. By fusing modern technology with the lessons we can learn from nature, they’re redefining the way we look at building bikes.

Utilizing a carbon-free business model, and by building their products from scratch using sustainable materials – often developed in-house, TARFORM is aiming to raise the bar when it comes to making high-end products with a respect for the environment. His intent is a noble one and hearing him describe his path to achieving it is just as inspiring.

Taras has worked for companies including Google, T Mobile, and Spotify, but he got there by refining a mindset of sustainability, focusing on the right questions and inspirations. Brianna and he talk about what really drives them – what is their “why”? And why is that influence so important on the overall creative process?

Looking to the future, Brianna and Taras talk about how the landscape might change. Where might he focus his attention in the future? And how can we all live in a way that puts sustainability and nature first?

The altitude of this conversation is perfect for a close-of-year episode, as we look at things from above to see a more full and colorful picture of what’s before us.

What Brianna asks:

  • [04:00] What is your “why” that brings you to the “what” of your company?
  • [05:20] What made you interested in the idea of sustainability?
  • [08:25] What is the culture of your product?
  • [12:30] Tell us about having to invent each material used in the product.
  • [17:00] How do you feel about companies that don’t have a sustainable approach?
  • [21:40] What are the major moments in your life that shaped your worldview?
  • [29:00] What’s your secret sauce? And what are your biggest weaknesses?
  • [31:55] What are you most excited about right now?

Lessons for intentional living:

  • A holistic approach to life can inform everything we do for the better. Taras looks at everything TARFORM does from a point of view of sustainability, and it’s allowed their motorcycles to stand out for reasons beyond being good for the environment. A unique approach to the design opens up avenues that might not be available or simply just not obvious to people following a traditional path of manufacture. 
  • As Brianna points out in this episode, Taras has remained true to his values throughout his career. It makes him stand out as a person of integrity, and it’s another reason why TARFORM is now set apart from their competitors. We should think about what’s important to us, and then hold onto those values wherever we can.