G.162 Lewis Howes

G162. Lewis Howes on Childhood Struggles & Lifelong Healing In this episode, Brett delves into Lewis Howes’ transformative journey, revealing both harrowing challenges and uplifting triumphs. From early childhood traumas to the solace found in sports and healing modalities, Howes sheds light on his path to healing and empowerment. This conversation provides a profound glimpse […]

G.161 OG Millie

G161. From Mirrors to Murals: The Artistic Evolution of OG Millie This week in our artist summer series I have time with OG Millie. She is a talented muralist coming to us from NYC. Milie and I talked about her transformative journey from her retinal detachment in 2012, which led her to uncovering her deep […]

G.160 Adele Renault

G160. Nurturing Art from Life: Adele Renault’s Expressive Journey In today’s artist summer series episode, I had time with Belgian artist Adele Renault. Her mural, “The Meadow” is on the parking garage at Gravity Phase II.  She spent nearly a full two weeks completing it, and it really is beautiful. As we sat down together she shares her insights […]

G.159 Pref

G159. Embracing Meaning: Pref’s Exploration of Words and Design in Art International graffiti and mural artist Pref joins Brett in today’s artist summer series episode. Pref is renowned for his distinctive typographic murals and gallery works, where he cleverly manipulates common words and phrases, inviting viewers to decipher meanings from his intricate images. Raised in […]

G.158 Okuda San Miguel

G158. Transforming Spaces: Okuda on Art, Culture & Identity In this episode of Gravity’s summer artist series, Brett chats with Okuda, an internationally renowned street artist, discussing the transformation of his artistic journey. Okuda discusses the influences, motivations, and thought processes behind his vibrant, geometric artwork. Their conversation further delves into Okuda’s collaborations with big […]

G.157 Keri Croft

G157. Navigating Shadows: Keri Croft’s Journey Through Success and Loss Today, Brett engages in a profound conversation with his good friend, entrepreneur, and podcast host, Keri Croft. Their strong friendship is evident in the ease of their interaction, marked by touching honesty and enjoyable banter. The conversation uncovers Keri’s remarkable resilience in confronting personal loss, […]

G.156 Hal Elrod

G156. Miracle Morning: The Personal Growth Routine with Hal Elrod In this illuminating episode, author of “The Miracle Morning” Hal Elrod shares his inspiring journey of transformation and resilience. After facing trauma and mediocrity in his life, a career opportunity challenged him to develop discipline and consistency, setting him on a path to success. Elrod […]

G.155 James Clear

G155. Beyond the Atomic Habits: The Unheard Story of James Clear It’s not too often I get starstruck, but I’ve been a huge fan of this week’s guest from the moment I opened his incredible book.  I love every interview in it’s own unique way, but this felt like an extra special week… This week’s episode […]

G.154 Brett Kaufman

G154. True Freedom: Exploring Purpose, Peace & Productivity Today, Brett dives deep into the importance of inner work for personal growth and success. He explores finding balance between work and peace, discussing the roles of money, attachment, and the potential addictive nature of work. Drawing on insights from “The Power of Kabbalah,” Brett encourages listeners […]

G.153 Chet Scott

G153. Lead from Within: Chet Scott on Self-Awareness, Authenticity, and Growth As a firm believer in continued personal developed, I am happy to bring my own coach, and long time friend onto the podcast this week.  Chet Scott, who is an author, Coach, and Founder of Built To Lead, is bound to inspire you through […]