G.179 Chet Scott

G 179. How to Stop Being Indecisive with Chet Scott Chet Scott, my friend and coach, is back this week on The Gravity Podcast.  Whenever I get time to sit down with Chet, it is so fulfilling.  This week we dig into the impact of saying “no” as an energy management tool.  Chet shares about […]

G.178 Tucker Max

G178. Tucker Max Today on Gravity Podcast I was joined by my friend, Tucker Max. Tucker is a renowned author and self-discovery advocate. Tucker shares openly about his challenging youth, navigating success, and the profound impact of psychedelic therapy on his journey. We discuss the complexities of personal growth, finding purpose, and the highs and […]

G.177 Cameron Mitchell

G177. Opening 100 Restaurants, Mastering Work-Life Balance with Cameron Mitchell This week on the Gravity Podcast I have entrepreneur and CEO, Cameron Mitchell. Cameron shares vulnerably about his humble beginnings, his passion for the restaurant business and his heart to keep his family his number one priority. We talk about how the inward success isn’t […]

G. 176 Maggie Smith

G176. Turning Everyday Life into Poetry with Maggie Smith This week on the Gravity Podcast I got to sit down with poet Maggie Smith. Maggie is a Columbus native and we talk about how staying in her hometown has shaped her writing.  Maggie shares about her life, starting out with her interests as a child, […]

G.175 Best of 2023

G175. Best of 2023 Join me this week in a special year-end episode as we celebrate three years of the Gravity podcast. We pulled together a compilation of some of my most memorable conversations with nationally and internationally recognized guests, as well as my local friends from here in Columbus. Most importantly I want to express my […]

G.174 Haley Boehning

G174. Haley Boehning on Consciously Crafting Brand Narratives In today’s impactful narrative, Brett welcomes Haley Boehning, the visionary founder of Storyforge. Haley brings to the table a wealth of experience, having founded Storyforge in 2014 after years of collaborating with leaders across Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, and startups. As a seasoned storyteller, she discusses the […]

G.173 Brett Kaufman

G173. Eulogy Join Brett in a deeply heartfelt episode as he shares a lovingly crafted eulogy for his late father, Robert B. Kaufman. The episode unfolds the chapters of Robert’s life, from joyful beginnings and sports achievements to later struggles and eventual reconciliation. Brett reflects on the complexities of his father’s journey, revealing moments of […]

G.172 Hilary Phelps

G172. Hilary Phelps on Sobriety and Dispelling Stigma In today’s episode, Brett engages in a heartfelt conversation with Hilary Phelps, an extraordinary woman whose journey from addiction to authenticity resonates with profound inspiration. As a publicist and advocate, Hilary courageously unravels her path to rediscovering her voice and becomes a beacon of support for women […]

G.171 Regan Archibald

G171. Regan Archibald on Longevity and Mortatlity On today’s episode of Gravity I was able to sit down with my friend Regan Archibald. Regan is the founder of East West Health, Integrated Pain Specialists, and Go Wellness. During our conversation you will hear Regan’s passion for discovering groundbreaking innovations and reshaping health care. His practice focuses […]

G.170 Joe Polish

G170. Being “Human” in Business and Life with Joe Polish Today on the Gravity Podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down for a dynamic conversation with Joe Polish, the visionary behind Genius Network, GeniusX, President of Piranha Marketing, and Co-Founder of 10XTalk.  This episode is unique, in that it is live collaboration between Gravity […]