A Tribute to Ken Jordan

A Tribute to Ken Jordan This week, I’m re-releasing a previous episode featuring my friend Ken Jordan who passed away recently. I’m saddened at the loss of Ken who was such a beautiful soul, a wonderful man and a bright light in this world. Ken was instrumental in the psychedelics movement through his advocacy and […]

G.186 Brandon Groux

This week, my guest is Brandon Groux, certified breathwork facilitator & founder of Aura Breathwork. We had the honor of hosting an event recently at Gravity featuring a breath work session led by Brandon. It was a truly special experience.  Brandon shares his journey of minimalism and gratitude & how he discovered breathwork during a […]

G.185 John Kim

G 185. The Courage to Be Real: Insights from The Angry Therapist This week, my friend John Kim returns to the podcast. John is a certified life coach, licensed therapist, New York Times best-selling author & host of The Angry Therapist podcast. We had the honor of hosting an event at Gravity featuring John sharing […]

G.184 Judy Huang

G 184. Judy Huang’s Journey Through Life’s Adversity and Success This week on the podcast, I had a chance to sit down with Judy Huang. Judy is a global business owner and entrepreneur. As an immigrant from China, Judy’s journey to success has been unconventional and challenging. From overcoming family and health challenges to uncovering […]

G.183 Dr. Dan Engle

G183. Spirituality in Psychiatry with Dr. Dan Engle This week on the Gravity Podcast I had the chance to sit down with Dr. Dan Engle.  Dr. Dan works with leaders combining functional medicine, integrative psychiatry, neuro cognitive restoration and peak performance methods.  Sitting down with Dan and hearing his journey was not only fascinating, but […]

G.182 Adam Benner

G182. Building a Brand with Beer: Land-Grant Co-founder Adam Benner This week on Gravity, I sit down with Adam Benner.  Adam is a co-owner of Land Grant Brewing, which makes him a neighbor of Gravity here in Franklinton. We have had the opportunity to work with Adam and Land Grant on Gravity Park… which if […]

G.181 Mark Gerling

G180. From Crippling Addiction to 36 Years of Sobriety with Mark Gerling This week on the Gravity Podcast I sit down with Mark Gerling. Mark is now someone I call a friend after spending time with him in Africa last summer. While getting to know Mark on that trip he shared some of his story, […]

G.180 Johnny Elsasser

G180. Models and Myths of Masculinity with Johnny Elsasser Join me this week on the Gravity Podcast as I sit down with Johnny Elsasser. Johnny shares his incredible story starting from childhood, then his time in the military and special ops, leading to the struggle of the return to civilian life.  Johnny shares vulnerably about how […]

G.179 Chet Scott

G 179. How to Stop Being Indecisive with Chet Scott Chet Scott, my friend and coach, is back this week on The Gravity Podcast.  Whenever I get time to sit down with Chet, it is so fulfilling.  This week we dig into the impact of saying “no” as an energy management tool.  Chet shares about […]

G.178 Tucker Max

G178. Tucker Max Today on Gravity Podcast I was joined by my friend, Tucker Max. Tucker is a renowned author and self-discovery advocate. Tucker shares openly about his challenging youth, navigating success, and the profound impact of psychedelic therapy on his journey. We discuss the complexities of personal growth, finding purpose, and the highs and […]