G.172 Hilary Phelps

G172. Hilary Phelps on Sobriety and Dispelling Stigma In today’s episode, Brett engages in a heartfelt conversation with Hilary Phelps, an extraordinary woman whose journey from addiction to authenticity resonates with profound inspiration. As a publicist and advocate, Hilary courageously unravels her path to rediscovering her voice and becomes a beacon of support for women […]

G.171 Regan Archibald

G171. Regan Archibald on Longevity and Mortatlity On today’s episode of Gravity I was able to sit down with my friend Regan Archibald. Regan is the founder of East West Health, Integrated Pain Specialists, and Go Wellness. During our conversation you will hear Regan’s passion for discovering groundbreaking innovations and reshaping health care. His practice focuses […]

G.170 Joe Polish

G170. Being “Human” in Business and Life with Joe Polish Today on the Gravity Podcast, I had the opportunity to sit down for a dynamic conversation with Joe Polish, the visionary behind Genius Network, GeniusX, President of Piranha Marketing, and Co-Founder of 10XTalk.  This episode is unique, in that it is live collaboration between Gravity […]

G.169 Matthew Goldstein

G169. Transforming Adversity into Service with Matthew Goldstein This week on Gravity Podcast I got to sit down with my friend, Matthew Goldstein, the Founder and CEO of the Columbus Non-Profit organization, Besa. Matthew shares his inspiring story of how his difficult upbringing fueled his passion for serving others. We have a heartfelt, sensitive, but […]

G.168 Bart Smeets

G168. Bart Smeets on Living Without Regrets This week on the Gravity podcast I sit down with Bart Smeets, a hyper-realistic and photo-realistic graffiti artist. Bart shares his life as an artist- one that intermingles uncertainty, hardships, and setbacks. He believes the only true weapon capable of battling the odds is relentless passion. Bart recalls […]

G.167 Chet Scott

G167. Chet Scott on The Key to Getting the Life You Want Today, Brett reunites with recurring guest, coach, and friend Chet Scott. In this spontaneous, “coaching”-esque discussion between two great minds, they dive into the timeless wisdom of starting small to achieve something big. They also touch on several topics including working on yourself, […]

G.166 Kymberlee Lysk

G166. Kymberlee Lysk on Perspective, Growth, and the Power of Sensory Healing Brett chats with Kymberlee Lysk, the founder of Ebb & Float. Their conversation dives into Kymberlee’s past, touching on challenges like feeling out of place, early motherhood, and building a successful corporate career without a college background. Kymberlee also discusses her journey to […]

G.165 Bob Roth

G.165 Bob Roth: The Power of Stillness in a Chaotic World Brett Kaufman welcomes Bob Roth, one of the most experienced meditation teachers in the US and author of the New York Times bestseller “Strength in Stillness: The Power of Transcendental Meditation.” With nearly 50 years of experience, Bob has introduced thousands to the practice […]

G.164 Jeni Britton

G.164 Flavors of Transformation: Jeni Britton on Ice Cream and Identity Jeni Britton of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams joins us once again to delve into her personal journey of introspection and transformation, sparked initially by feelings of misalignment in 2019. Amidst the challenges of entrepreneurship and societal pressures, Jeni emphasizes the significance of embracing both […]

G.163 Gravity Artists

G163. From Street to Studio: A Deep Dive with Gravity’s Featured Artists In this final episode of the artist summer series, I got to sit down with all four artists- Okuda, Pref, Adele Renault, and OG Millie. We come together to discuss their journeys and the evolving realms of the art world. We explored topics […]