G126. Chet Scott

The Roots of Endurance: Chet Scott Takes the Reins The Gravity Podcast is back with a new twist on a recurring favorite guest of mine, Chet Scott. I invited Chet to bring his own topic, or topics, to the interview table today – and he offered the interesting and expansive theme of: Endurance. Delving deeper […]

G125. Best Of 2022

Gravity Podcast Best of 2022 (So Far) with Various Guests As we’ve settled into the summer of 2022, it’s as good a time as any to take a look at the year’s most fascinating Gravity interviews, so far. It’s been a great batch of episodes already, as we crossed the 100-episode mark and beyond, and […]

G124. Brian Mohr

The Intersection of Purpose & Leadership with Brian Mohr My guest today is Brian Mohr, CEO and co-founder of Anthym, and board member and President Emeritus of the Arizona chapter of Conscious Capitalism. Like many past guests on the show, Brian’s career and adulthood was shaped by an impactful experience participating in team sports in […]

G123. Kenny McDonald

Building with Teamwork at the Columbus Partnership with Kenny McDonald My guest today is Kenny McDonald, third president and CEO of the Columbus Partnership, a civic organization of our city’s top business leaders. His current day-to-day environment varies greatly from his early childhood experience, living on a ranch in Eastern Montana – which sounds like […]

G122. Kurt Malkoff

Eternal Optimism & Applying Psychology to Life with Kurt Malkoff, PhD Today’s guest on the Gravity podcast gives us another fascinating look into the complex human mind and how it works. Kurt Malkoff was born in Youngstown, Ohio, to two restaurateur parents that he says gave him everything but limits. He has a BA, MA, […]

G121. Kumi Walker

Safe at Home: Community as the Key to Confidence with Kumi Walker My guest for today’s episode of the Gravity Podcast is my friend, Kumi Walker, technologist, advisor, investor and co-founder of Embedded Capital. Like all of my guests, a few simple bio lines don’t do justice to this man’s impact on his environment and […]

G120. Chet Scott

Daydreams & Instincts: Making Sense of It All with Chet Scott Chet Scott is back to untangle the issues of the world, of our own, and of the future – as has become the norm on about a monthly basis. We get deep on instinct vs. intellect, especially as they relate to coaching and parenting, […]