G136. Rex Elsass

Understanding Plant Medicine, Addiction & Trauma Recovery with Rex Elsass Rex Elsass knows that the medicine is out there. Today’s guest on the Gravity Podcast is Rex Elsass. Rex and I have recently gotten to know each other through a mutual friend and have a lot of shared passions around mental health and the different […]

G135. Matt Scantland

My Own World: Giving Back Through Conscious Leadership with Matt Scantland Matt Scantand is a world builder. And he’s today’s guest on the Gravity Podcast. Matt is the Founder and CEO at AndHealth, a digital health company with the mission of helping people reverse chronic disease. Previously, he was Co-Founder and CEO of CoverMyMeds, one […]

G134. Keegan Caldwell

We Are Family: Keegan Caldwell Is a Man of the People Family, first. Now and always. This one’s all about family support and overcoming addiction. Growing up as the oldest of five kids, Dr. Keegan Caldwell watched his parents struggle with money. He also picked up on his father’s gift for conversation – leading him […]

G133. Christopher Celeste

Stillness Is Always Waiting: Learning To Pay Attention with Christopher Celeste Stillness is always waiting for Christopher Celeste. Today, we’re joined by an overdue name on the Gravity guestlist, Christopher Celeste, a very near and dear friend of mine. He holds a special place in my heart, in my life, and in the greater Gravity […]

G132. Sarah Gormley

Take a Pause: The Process Is Not a Straight Line with Sarah Gormley Sarah Gormley started an art gallery by accident. Today’s guest is the owner and founder of Sarah Gormley Gallery, a contemporary art gallery that operates from the belief that original art can be a source of joy for everyone. She opened the […]

G131. Chor Boogie

The Color Shaman: Healing Through Creativity with Chor Boogie Chor Boogie speaks in rhythm through splashes of color. A renowned artist in the medium of spray paint, Chor Boogie, aka The Color Shaman, joins the show today for a deep dive into creativity and his own personal journey.  Self-taught from the age of five, he […]

G130. Dr. Amy Acton

Meeting the (Extraordinary) Moment with Dr. Amy Acton The same person she always was, let’s get to know Dr. Amy Acton. Rising to prominence with her off-script, endearing, and authentic press conferences during the height of the COVID pandemic as Director of the Ohio Department of Health, Dr. Amy Acton explains that this new, public, […]

G129. Joe Apgar

Following a Path of Purpose with Pelotonia’s Joe Apgar His parents used to call him Honest Abe. As a really grounded and thoughtful young kid, Joe Apgar played sports, collected baseball cards, and looked up to his grandfather, a man whose steadfast virtuousness lives on in family legend – as told by Joe. He describes […]

G128. Beth Weinstock

BirdieLight: Fighting the Fentanyl Epidemic with Beth Weinstock The numbers are astounding and the stories are heartbreaking.  Fentanyl-associated incidents are the number one cause of death for people aged eighteen to forty-five in America – more than car accidents, more than illness, more than anything – and today’s guest, Beth Weinstock is bravely doing something […]

G127. John Marsh

Hope is the Key: Turning Broken into Beautiful with John Marsh John Marsh has a story to tell. Many of them, in fact.  He joins Gravity today for an all-time episode, packed with rich, descriptive storytelling, traumas and successes, heartbreak, redemption – even conscious development – and it all comes back to love. John’s seen […]